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Über 80% neue Produkte zum Festpreis; Das ist das neue eBay. Finde Freesbee Ultimate Im Ultimate Frisbee gibt es 3 Grundwürfe: Den Vorhand-, den Rückhand- und den Over Head-Wurf. Wird die Scheibe mit der rechten Hand geworfen, so ist das Standbein bei allen Grundwürfen das linke Bein. Das rechte Bein (aktiv) wird bei jedem der Würfe anders gestellt Let's talk about how to throw a backhand, one of ultimate frisbee's foundational throws. Even brand new players need to be able to complete a short backhand throw. Osgar backhand. The good news is that many players have some familiarity with a backhand, as it is the first throw most anyone learns when they pick up a disc, even if they are just casually tossing with a friend. It is also.

In distance competitions, top backhand distance throwers always use a 360 rotation before the release. First introduced in the late 1970s, this Frisbee distance technique began with overall power event competitors in the 1980s Am Ende des Schwungs wird das Frisbee aus dem Handgelenk in Richtung Wurfziel (Part- ner) geschnellt und im selben Moment losgelassen. Beim Abwurf wird die Scheibe parallel zum Boden (horizontal) gehalten. Durch das Schnellen des Handgelenkes erhält die Scheibe die nötige Eigenrotation (engl. spin)für ei- nen stabilen Flug Der Backhandgriff gelingt indem die Handfläche über den Rand des Frisbees gelegt wird und mit den Fingern unter den Rand der Scheibe geht und sie gut fest hält. Der Daumen liegt oben auf der Scheibe Every Ultimate Frisbee player needs to at least have the two most basic Frisbee throws in his arsenal in order to be successful. These are the forehand throw, and the backhand throw, which when used in tandem allow you the ability to make throws to either side of the field while being covered by a defender, who must now cover you on two sides Learn how to do a backhand throw in Ultimate Frisbee with looping animations and descriptive text. Learn quickly

The backhand frisbee throw is the most common type of throw in ultimate frisbee, frisbee golf, and recreational frisbee throwing. This movement is led by the same side of the body much like a backhand in tennis. Pinch grip the frisbee with your thumb of your dominant hand on the top and 4 fingers on the bottom Ultimate Frisbee organisiert der Weltverband, die WORLD FLYING DISC FEDERATION (WFDF), alle zwei Jahre Weltmeisterschaften für die Nationalteams. Dazwischen finden die Klub-Weltmeisterschaften der besten Vereinsmannschaften statt. In Deutschland organisiert seit 1989 der Deutsche Frisbeesport Verband e.V. jährlich die Deutschen Meisterschaften und andere Turniere. Vor allem Ultimate Frisbee. Ultimate Frisbee basiert auf den Grundbewegungen Laufen, Werfen und Fangen. 3) Die Scheibe Durch seine physikalischen Eigenschaften übt dieses Fluggerät eine ganz besondere und andere Faszination auf kleine und große Kinder aus. 4) Werfe

Ultimate Frisbee Spielfeld Das Outdoor-Ultimate-Frisbee-Spielfeld entspricht nach offiziellen Regeln einer Länge von 100 Metern und einer Breite von 37 Metern. Damit ist es in etwa so groß wie ein Fußballfeld. Eine Besonderheit stellen jedoch die beiden 18 Meter tiefen Endzonen dar, die damit das Hauptspielfeld auf 64 Meter begrenzen How to Throw a Frisbee (Backhand): These instructions are designed to instruct you, the user, on how to throw a frisbee backhanded. There are multiple ways to throw a frisbee: forehand, backhand, hammer... the backhand is generally the first throw that is learned. To mas Ultimate frisbee backhand tutorial How to throw a backhand in ultimate frisbee. Tutorial explains the backhand frisbee throw and breaks the motion down in a ton of detail. If this video helped you SHARE it so others can be helped as well Master the Backhand with these tips from MVP Rowan McDonnell. The Backhand is the most basic and popular Ultimate Frisbee throw in the world! If you are look..

The most fundamental throw in ultimate is the backhand. It's important to learn the mechanics of the throw (grip, wrist snap, body movement) before spending. In this video we go through the technique for throwing a backhand in ultimate frisbee.If you do not have a frisbee make your own with these ideas:https://www.. Ultimate Frisbee. Das Spiel. Wurftechnik. Wurftechnik (von Mag. Peter Scheruga Lehrbehelf Ultimate 3. Auflage; März 2014) Durch unterschiedliche Wurftechniken können mit einer Frisbeescheibe verschiedenste Wurfbahnen beschrieben werden. Die Beherrschung von unterschiedlichen Wurftechniken spielt sowohl bei Ultimate Frisbee- als auch beim Disc Golf eine entscheidende Rolle. folgende. How to throw a backhand in ultimate frisbee. Tutorial explains the backhand frisbee throw and breaks the motion down in a ton of detail.If this video helped. Yet many players still use the airbounce backhand as their default backhand! While the throw looks cool, and does have some benefits: the ability to throw under a mark, and a lower release point, it shouldn't be used in Ultimate. Downwind, the airbounce will get pushed into the ground, and upwind, we risk the disc popping up too much. Quite simply, there isn't as much control over the full.

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Below is a glossary of various Ultimate Frisbee throws ranging from the most basic to advanced throwing. This is the best way to learn how to throw, so let's get started.. (All throws will be explained as if you are right handed) The three most used throws in Ultimate are the backhand, forehand, and hammer throw Ultimate frisbee tutorial over how to throw an inside out backhand (IO). An IO is an advanced frisbee throw that bends from right to left if you're right handed. If this video helped you SHARE it so others can be helped as well For ease of explanation, all throws will be explained as if the player is right-handed. Ultimate Frisbee Throws: The Basics The three most common throws in Ultimate Frisbee are the backhand, forehand and hammer throw. These are the throws that you will want to master first

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  1. Rückhandwurf / Backhand Throw. Der Rückhandwurf ist die mit Abstand, von Anfänger*innen am häufigsten gespielte Technik beim Frisbee werfen.Kein Wunder, dass sie aufgrund ihrer leichten Erlernbarkeit und ihres vielfältigen Einsatzes beim Training in Schule und Verein zu den ersten Basics gehört
  2. Ultimate Frisbee Erfahrung: seit 2011 Lieblingswurf: Outside Sidearm Coolstes Ultimate Erlebnis: «Hmm äs git nid dä moment oder die erfahrig. U äs si nid dsiege, medallie oder krasse aktione, sondern die momente wo me aus team dr flow fingt, fröid het am zämä spile u di fröid eim so richtig pusht über sech usezwachse - das isch ä ungloublichi positivi Energie u eine vode.
  3. Backhand jest intuicyjnym, pierwszym rzutem, który poznajesz biorąc dysk do ręki. Zazwyczaj jego nauka jest łatwiejsza od nauczenia się forhendu. Oczywiście czym innym jest rzucanie rekreacyjne z przyjaciółmi. Czym zaś innym precyzyjny rzut do partnera z drużyny podczas meczu ultimate. Zwłaszcza wtedy gdy dochodzi presja i obrońca, który utrudnia ten rzut. Backhand - od czego z

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Backhand Passing Technique - Ultimate Frisbee. Published: 4th November 2020. Here is a backhand passing technique checklist for ultimate frisbee, aimed at KS3/KS4 students, covering the correct stance, grip and spin. Attachments are provided in both Word and PDF formats So we want to make sure to keep a straight back whether throwing forehand or backhand pulls in ultimate frisbee. The straighter your spine is, the faster your upper body can rotate. This results in more powerful backhand pulls! To create the I.O. angle on the disc - it's important to bend at the hips. Do not bend at the spine, keep your spine straight. With grip and posture accounted for. Why is backhand so important? Since in a game you are going to be marked by someone, you will want to be able to throw both a backhand and a forehand. A backhand will give you more separation from your mark than a flick since you're getting further away from your pivot foot on your throw. As well, a backhand gives you more control over the disc since you have greater range of motion on your. 13.Januar 1957 Verkaufstag der ersten Frisbee® 1968Joel Silver (heutiger Hollywood-Produzent von Filmen wie Stirb langsam, Matrix uvm.) entwickelt das Teamspiel Ultimate Frisbee 1969Erstes Ultimate Wettkampfspiel an der Columbia Highschool in New Jersey Mitte der 70er Ultimate Frisbee etabliert sich in Deutschlan How to Throw a Backhand in Ultimate Frisbee. Talaan Ng Mga Nilalaman: Mga Kagamitan: Hakbang 1: Paghahanap ng Lugar ng Pagkahagis; Hakbang 2: Puwesto ang Iyong Sarili at ang Frisbee; Hakbang 3: Pagkahagis sa Frisbee: ang Motion at ang Paglabas; Ang mga tagubilin na ito ay dinisenyo upang turuan ka, ang gumagamit, kung paano magtapon ng frisbee backhanded. Maraming mga paraan upang magtapon ng.

El BACK-HAND es un lanzamiento utilizado en el Ultímate Frisbee, es el lanzamiento básico, es decir el lanzamiento mas sencillo que se puede enseñar o aprender. Este es uno de los lanzamientos mas utilizados en un partido de Ultímate Frisbee para la anotación de goles. YouTube. Brodie Smith. 2.22M subscribers Backhand Throwing. In ultimate Frisbee, the backhand is one of the most common throws utilized. Listed below are steps to consider when attempting to execute this particular skill. Wrap your fingers around the rim of the disk while keeping your thumb on top (slightly bent). Keeping feet shoulder width apart, step back with non-throwing foot. (Ex: if you are throwing the disk with your right.

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Uiltimate Frisbee Lingo and Terminology. Like in any sport, there will be terms that players use when referring to circumstances unique to the sport. When a team is on offense, there are terms like under and deep that are not used in any other sport and for newcomers, it can be hard to understand. Let's run through the Ultimate lingo Simple Ultimate Frisbee drills for groups of 2 to 5 players to develop and refine individual Ultimate skills. For more ideas, check out the Ultimate Skills & Drills Activity Cards from our shop. 100 Throws. Many top teams will start every practice or tournament warm up with this great drill. It is simply to pair up and make 50 backhand and 50. Professional Ultimate player Rowan McDonnell explains the 10 Must Have Throws for Ultimate Frisbee. Throwing is essential to the game of Ultimate and Disc Golf for that matter. But exciting and unique throws make the game that much better. McDonnell plays with the Washington D.C. Breeze and is the coach of American University's Women's club team Beginner Ultimate Frisbee Players Don't Practice Their One-Handed Catches. As a beginning ultimate frisbee player, you will have surely had the two-handed alligator catch drilled right into your DNA. Experienced players are always barking at new players to catch with both hands. And for good reason Backhand - Grip: Thumb on top of frisbee, index finger under the rim. Backswing : Roll disc toward your body as you bring arm back. Keep edge of disk away from your hand slightly lowered. Sidearm - Grip: Hold the disc with two fingers on underside, thumb on top and wrist cocked backward. Delivery: Swing arm downward at about a 30 degree angle to body. Keep edge of the disc away from hand.


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Learn to Dad Backhand ultimate frisbee throw using looping animations known as GIFs. Everything about Ultimate. Home; Trusted Ultimate Gear; History; Vocab & Definitions; Every Type of Throw; Fancy Throws; Tips & Strategy; Useful Plays; Chants; Popular Team Names; Official Rules. Outdoor Rules; Indoor Rules; The Top 15's . Top 15 Best Cleats; Top 15 Best Apparel & Clothing; Top 15 Best. Like many sports, Ultimate Frisbee has a jargon and lingo of its own. If you've ever stood on the sideline of a game, and heard confusing phrases like scoober, hammer, or no strike - you're not alone! Fortunately, I've compiled this giant list of alphabetized Ultimate Frisbee terms and definitions! You can use this. Ultimate Frisbee selbst fordern Kreativität, Selbständigkeit, Konfliktfähigkeit, Toleranz und Kooperation. Im Rahmen der Unterrichtsreihe soll den Schülern ein Einblick in die vielfältigen Möglichkeiten im Umgang mit der Scheibe und das Kennenlernen sowie die 1 vgl. GEIßLER, A.: Ultimate Frisbee - Eine Einführung in den Frisbee-Sport. Throw a backhand pass; Perform a crocodile catch; Before you start the activity, explain that ultimate frisbee is a non-contact team sport and that the Frisbee is called a 'disc'. Begin by modelling the following two essential skills: Backhand pass: the thrower turns side on to the person they are throwing to (receiver). Hold the disc.

Passende Übungskarten zum Thema Ultimate Frisbee findest du hier. Wirf das Frisbee in die Leiterwand-Zone, in der das Tuch hängt! Station 17. Material: 1 Wand, 2 Kastenteile, 2 Hütchen, 1 Frisbee. Aufgabe: Wirf die Scheibe gegen die Wand, sodass diese anschließend in die Kastenteile fällt! Station 18 . Material: 1 Weichbodenmatte, 2 Hütchen, 1 Frisbee. Aufgabe: Wirf die Scheibe auf. Ultimate frisbee is a game played in bursts, with sudden sprints and the need to change direction quickly. And so it favours explosive, powerful athletes (learn how to train for explosive power here). In considering Jeff's question about how to teach beginner ultimate frisbee players how to cut with a burst of speed - we need to consider each player's overall athleticism. Some players a

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Ultimate frisbee drills to improve your backhand. Step by step progressions in learning the frisbee backhand. Tutorial on how to throw a backhand in ultimate frisbee. If this video helped you SHARE it so others can be helped as well.---- Ultimate Frisbee vertraut auf den Sportsgeist des Einzelnen (Spirit of the Game) und stellt den gegenseitigen Respekt der Spieler und die Freude am Spiel in den Vordergrund. Da wohl kein Spieler die Regeln absichtlich verletzt, sind Kontrolle oder Sanktionen unnötig. Die Ultimate Frisbee Rahmenbedingungen . Ultimate Frisbee wird meist auf Rasenflächen gespielt. Das Spielfeld ist. Basic Ultimate Frisbee Throws 1. Backhand. This is one of the easiest throws to learn. Hence, it's popularly taught to newbies. The disc throwing is normally with much ease and should come naturally. The first step is working on arranging your fingers perfectly. For that, secure your four fingers into the cup of the disc and squarely place the thumb on the lead. Then for right-handed. Throwing Techniques for Ultimate Frisbee Evan Winograd, Jack R. Engsberg Abstract The goal of this study was to determine if certain throwing techniques for the sport of Ultimate Frisbee were advantageous relative to other techniques. The defense can attempt to force a thrower to utilize a specific throw; knowing the advantages of different throws can influence a defender's decision to force. The backhand is the throw most of us used the first time we picked up a disc. For most new ultimate players this is the easiest throw to learn for throwing accurately over a useful distance. Get a Grip There are many different ways you can grip the disc for a backhand, and as your comfort level with throwing a disc evolves so will your grip

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Unterrichtssequenz - Kompetenzplan zum Sportkurs: Ultimate Frisbee (I/I) Nr./ Kursbezeichnung: X -UF bzw. X-UF . Jahrgangsstufe: 11/12 . Halbjahr: X . Bildungsbeitrag: xxx . Umfang der Sequenz: xxx . Kernidee: Spielfähigkeit im Ultimate Frisbee . Titel der Sequenz: Ausgehend von der grundlegenden Spielidee bauen die SuS ihre allgemeine und spezielle Spielfähigkeit aus. Sie vertiefen ihre. Most players have a stronger backhand than forehand in ultimate frisbee. When marking, forcing a handler to throw their weaker throw is a great way to cause turnovers. So teams generally choose to force forehand when marking in games. It's more common for teams to force forehand in ultimate frisbee. So handlers who can hit the end zone with a forehand tend to do big damage. Long forehand. Ultimate Frisbee Backhand throw Pancake catch Forehand throw C catch Pivoting Grade 9, 10 24 Students 8 Lesson Unit 75‐Minute Lesson Length Preston Ingram 2 Needs Assessment Psychomotor Students in the ninth/tenth grade may have already been introduced to the backhand throw, pancake catch, forehand throw, C catch and pivoting in their previous middle or elementary school's. Thema der Stunde: Passen - aber sicher! Wir lernen den (langsamen) Rückhandwurf (Backhand)Die Schülerinnen und Schüler [1] erlernen mit der Technik des Rückhandwurfs den ersten Standardwurf für das Spiel Ultimate Frisbee und versuchen durch Variation verschiedener Wurf-. Parameter [2] das Flugverhalten des Spielgerätes dahingehend zu optimieren, dass mit Blick auf das Handlungsprodukt.

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Ultimate Frisbee Cues List THROWING Backhand Throw: -Hold the Frisbee with the hand you write with. -Place the index finger along the edge, thumb on top and the other three fingers holding the edge of the disc. -Bring the disc towards the body by curling the throwing arm making sure to keep the disc level. (Pretend it is a dish of your favorite ice cream you do not want to spill). -Extend the. Backhand throw- Back to the basic. VGU Ultimate Frisbee Club mit Truong Bao Long und 3 weiteren Personen. 8. November 2019 · Webpräsenz des Ultimate Frisbee Teams Shooting Saars aus Saarbrücken. Finde Trainingszeiten, Kontaktmöglichkeiten, Turnierberichte, und weitere Infos über Ultimate! Web presence of the Ultimate Frisbee Team Shooting Saars - originating in Saarbrücken, Germany. Contains practice times, contacts, tournament reports, some info about Ultimate and more THE ULTIMATE FRISBEE EXPERIENCE INSIDE Complete Lesson Plans for Teachers Why choose Ultimate History of the sport Getting started Spirit of the gam

Ⓒ 2020 Ultimate Frisbee HQ & The Ultimate HQ. The Ultimate HQ may receive commissions from Amazon and Universe Point for some products posted on the site, these commissions are used to 1) Keep this site running 2) Cutting edge research on the latest dad-jokes and 3) To keep the Ultimate knowledge flowing. We thank you for visiting, stay chilly What Are The 3 Types of Throws in Ultimate Frisbee? A Backhand Throw is the most natural way to throw a frisbee, which is why this is the most commonly used type of throw. A Forehand Throw, also known as a flick, takes some practice and commitment to master. This throw is the most efficient because it can be executed in milliseconds and uses up the least amount of energy. A Hammer Throw has. Ultimate Frisbee. A 12 week course designed and provided by Perth and Kinross DofE Association suitable for the Bronze sectional certificate. The course will provide a series of exercises and activities designed to promote knowledge of, and playing skills in, Ultimate frisbee, now accepted as an Olympic sport Ultimate oder Ultimate Frisbee ist ein wettkampforientierter, weitgehend berührungsloser Mannschaftssport, der mit einer 175 g schweren Kunststoffwurfscheibe gespielt wird.Ursprünglich von amerikanischen Studenten erfunden, erfreut sich Ultimate heute auch international zunehmender Beliebtheit. Es wird in mehr als 40 Ländern gespielt, und weltweit dürfte es mehr als 5 Millionen Spieler geben

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However, ultimate frisbee is a whole new ballgame. Or should we day: flying disc game? Ultimate frisbee is a sport played on a field with two teams of 7. It is a common sport with rising popularity across the UK and the US. The aim of the game is to throw a frisbee to a team player, and for that team player to catch within the opponent's zone. Our List Of The Most Useful Ultimate Frisbee Throws: 1. The Backhand. This is undoubtedly the most common throwing style in Ultimate Frisbee. We love it for its simplicity and good power. You hold the edge with your index finger and place the middle finger beneath the disc. Relax your wrist, arm, bring the disc to your tummy or waist and keep it parallel to the ground. Now imagine the same. Backhand (Rückhand - Wurf) So wie im Ultimate Frisbee ist auch beim Disc Golf der Backhand der dominierende Wurf. Mit diesem Wurf sind üblicherweise die weitesten Distanzen möglich. Der richtige Griff: Die Scheibenaußenkante in die Hand entlang der Linie wie in Abb. 1 eingezeichnet legen - Zugreifen (Daumen oben, restliche Finger unten, Abb.2 u. Abb.3). Der äußere Scheibenrand sollte. 05. Henry Brown played ultimate frisbee at Santa Clara University from 2013-2017. This article has been viewed 116,203 times. The forehand, also known as the flick, the two-finger, or the side arm, is one of the two most common ways to throw a Frisbee. To throw a forehand, you'll have to flick your wrist forward while keeping the Frisbee parallel to the ground as it moves toward your opponent. How-To Series - Ultimate Frisbee. UWA Sport. May 24 · Learn the fundamentals of Ultimate Frisbee with Max, Varun, Thea and Lucas from the.

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Ultimate Frisbee: Erwerben und Anwenden von Technik und Taktik Analyse nötigen Grundfertigkeiten erworben werden. Möglichke anschliessend und aufgebaut werden kann. Finalturnier sogar bevorzugt. Unterrichtseinheit im Sportunterricht Situativ Die Lektionen finden im Sommersemester zwischen den Frühlings- und Sommerferien in der Kantonsschule Oerlikon statt. Es steht eine Doppelhalle zur. Frisbee - Üben des Rückhandwurfes an 6 Stationen - Didaktik / Sport, Sportpädagogik - Unterrichtsentwurf 2000 - ebook 12,99 € - GRI How to throw a backhand/forehand. Deakin Ultimate Frisbee. April 9, 2020 · Skills Session 1. During this off-season it is important to make sure we are learning our skills. Here we have Nathan Paine.

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Ultimate Frisbee terms and rules. Forehand, backhand, and hammer What are the three types of throws in ultimate? Clap catch (pancake), one handed rim, two handed rim What are the three types of catches in ultimate? Huck What is the term for throwing a Frisbee long down the field to a wide open teammate? It is a successful way to get away from your defender Why is cutting an essential ultimate. Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact sport that is played with a flying disc (frisbee) by two teams of seven players. The goal is to pass the disc around and catch it in the opposing end zone. In addition to our regular training sessions, we take part in various tournaments throughout the year. New players are welcome anytime. In the beginners course, participants are introduced to the sport of.

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Now you've got the backhand sorted, let's have a go at basic Frisbee skill number 2, the forehand (a.k.a. flick or 'sidearm'). There are two main ways to grip, depending on the type of disc you are using. The Aerobie Superdisc is really easy to throw a forehand, so we'll look at this first. Step 1. Grip like this with a Superdis Forehand (Flick) This throw is also known as the flick, two-finger, or the side-arm.Focused in the wrist, this throw takes little time to execute. Along with the backhand, it is one of the two most common throws used in Ultimate, as it allows throws from the opposite side of the body from the backhand.. Forehand Grip, Top Vie ultimate frisbee backhand grip. Home; Uncategorized; ultimate frisbee backhand grip; Posted on June 14, 2021; By . In Uncategorized. Ultimate Frisbee begann 1968 in Maplewood, New Jersey, als einige Schüler der Columbia High School und Mitarbeiter der Schulzeitung zum Spaß eine neue Sportart für die Abende entwickelten. Dabei wurde auf Spielelemente aus dem American Football und dem Basketball zurückgegriffen. Im Spiel war zu Beginn alles erlaubt. Die Mannschaften bestanden aus ungefähr 20 bis 30 Spielern. Wurde es. Ultimate Disc Sport History. The problem with recorded history is that pioneering details are rarely known or discovered until the future. Nuances of historical moments can get lost unless witnessed and recorded by the people that were there. The history of ultimate articles on many of today's online sites are incomplete and haven't been change

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Short Answer: Backhand throw - then Forehand throw as a close second. Long Answer: I don't believe there is data out there analyzing the percentage of frequency for types of throws in Ultimate, so unfortunately I'll have to source my own personal. Frisbee Die SuS lernen in dieser Einstiegslektion worauf sie achten müssen, damit der Backhand- und der Sidearm-Wurf gelingen. Sie kennen die drei verschiedenen Fang- techniken und können die Frisbee-Scheibe mit mindestens einer Wurftechnik werfen und mit einer Fangtechnik fangen. Rahmenbedingungen • Lektionsdauer: 90 Minuten • Stufe: 7. Ultimate Fisbee ist ein interessantes Spiel, dass sich in der Schule für nahezu alle Gruppen gut eignet. Es kann in vielen Varianten gespielt werden. Ultimate fördert den Teamgeist und faires Spiel. Bevor man spielt, sollte man sich mit der Scheibe (möglichst mit vielen Scheiben) mit Wurfmöglichkeiten vertraut machen Etiquetas:backhand, forehand, frisbee, lanzar, ultimate 0 He recopilado unos enlaces que me parecen interesantes de enseñar, lo hago por que el utlimate es mi pasión como hobby, y quiero compartir con ustedes un poco de ello, el ultimate tiene 3 lazamientos basicos que todo jugador debe aprender cuando comienza a practicar el deporte Game advisors are used in international or WFDF the sanctioned tournaments where as observers are used in upper tier USAU tournament. Both GAs and Observers are present to keep a game moving along and to provide an unbiased third party that player.. In Ultimate Frisbee (engl. ausgesprochen) gibt es drei Grundwürfe (Backhand, Overhead, Sidearm).Die meisten anderen Würfe sind Variationen dieser drei Würfe. Wenn man die Scheibe gefangen hat in Ultimate Frisbee, darf man nicht mehr laufen, sondern muss stehen bleiben